Accepted Items

WeePeat Children’s Consignment Sale accepts new and gently worn children’s clothing, baby equipment, maternity clothes, puzzles, games, books, videos, nursery accessories, outdoor toys, dress and specialty shoes, car seats, strollers, children’s furniture, toys – really almost anything for children.  We do require that items be appropriate for the seasons of the current sale(Fall/Winter orSpring/Summer) and not on any recall list.  If you plan to consign a crib or car seat, please see below.


WeePeat strives to provide the highest quality of merchandise for its consignors and shoppers.  Clothing must be freshly laundered and in good condition with no stains or rips, no missing buttons or snaps, working zippers, and no mildew or smoke odors.  Items will be inspected at check-in.  Please do not be offended if you are asked to take back some of your things – often stains or other imperfections are easily overlooked on items you see frequently.

WeePeat reserves the right to refuse any item we feel may not sell, or that does not meet our high quality standards.

Accepted Items

Clothes and Shoes

  • Children’s clothing from preemie to size XL, (if the item was bought in the Junior or Adult section then it is not a children’s size) current season only. We will accept long jeans year round. The Spring Sale also accepts denim shorts, skirts, capris and short overalls.  The Fall sale will accept denim long jeans, long overalls and jackets.
  • Short sleeve T-shirts are accepted at both sales but must be theme and color appropriate.
  • Halloween costumes- anytime, they can be used for dress-up all year.
  • Maternity clothes (only maternity brands are accepted).
  • Children’s shoes (must be in excellent condition).


Children’s Accessories

  • Winter hats, gloves, mittens, and scarfs (at Fall/Winter sale only).
  • Belts, hairbows, backpacks, purses.
  • Nursery items: crib sets, bedding, blankets, mobiles, baby baths, diaper pails, etc.
  • Baby bottles, bibs, burp cloths, breast pumps, toddler plate sets, etc.
  • We will no longer be able to accept children’s jewelry.


Children’s Equipment

  • All equipment must be clean and in working condition.
  • Cribs, playpens, strollers, high chairs, changing tables, etc.  Cribs and portable cribs should be set up, in working condition and not on the recall list.  Due to the high number of drop-side cribs on the recall lists, we will no longer be able to accept cribs with drop-down sides.
  • Walkers, bouncy seats, infant carriers, exer-saucers. 
  • Bikes, playground equipment, playhouses, sandboxes, etc.
  • Car seats should be clean, not older than 5 years,  and should not be on the recall lists.  Check out this link to see if your car seat is safe for resale.


Toys, Books, and Movies

  • All toys should have all the pieces and work properly.
  • No stuffed animals unless they talk or walk.
  • Puzzles should have all the pieces and be appropriate for children.
  • All movies should match their cover and be family appropriate.