WeePeat could not function without the wonderful group of volunteer workers we have at each sale. These workers assist consignors during check-in, set up and take down racks, place consigned items in the appropriate places, and help during the sale. In return for their assistance, volunteers receive special incentives.  Thank you again to all volunteers, past, present, and future!

Why Volunteer?

  • Shop the Pre-Sale: People who volunteer for at least eight hours during the sale will be eligible to shop at the worker pre-sale on Monday evening. Children are not allowed at the pre-sale.
  • Earn more money: If you volunteer for and work the eight hours on Saturday  from  1PM – 9PM or a total of eight hours on Thursday and/or Friday you will receive a larger percentage of your sales (80%).
  • Earn WeePeat credit: The three volunteers with the most hours receive $10, $15, or $25 credit to the next WeePeat sale!                                                                                        Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Gift Certificate Winners!                                         Super Double Duper Volunteer – Willa Hensley –  $25.00                                              Super Duper Volunteer – Jennifer Gray-Mathis – $15.00                                                     Super Volunteer – Tonya McPhetridge – $10.00

Requirements for Volunteers

You no longer need to be a registered consignor for the current sale to volunteer. See registration link below to register as a volunteer only and to access your volunteer homepage.

  • Sign in and out for each shift that you work.
  • Be on time and stay for your entire shift.
  • Wear your WeePeat shirt (if you have one) or a name tag and apron during your shift.
  • The sale can be extremely busy at times, therefore we ask you not to bring children with you to work.  If there are special situations, please contact me.
  • If an unavoidable circumstance arises that will prevent you from working the shift for which you registered, let me know as soon as possible so that provisions can be made for someone to cover your shift and your shift time can be rescheduled. 
  • If you sign up for a shift then don’t show up  without letting me know, then you will be blocked from volunteering for the next sale.                                                          

How do I volunteer?

  • Are you also selling?
    • If so, you can register to volunteer through your consignor homepage. 
    • If not, register here.